services-imageCommunities and institutions cannot thrive in a chaotic or unstable environment. Acts, or threats, of criminal or political violence fracture bonds and deteriorate trust.

Security problems are best resolved through a deliberative process grounded in industry standards and augmented by field experience. Additionally, there should be an appreciation of how social and political drivers influence security conditions. AnalyzSecurity understands these nuances and can advise prudent courses of action.

The responsibility of protecting life and property begets critical decisions. Whether it is a corporate site, an arts center, or an individual with high-value assets, AnalyzSecurity brings confidence to the decision-making process.





From the initial contact with the client, establish a professional relationship based on trust, mutual respect, and candor.  Problem-solving is a joint venture requiring input from all stakeholders.



Off-the-shelf solutions are not applicable in a climate of rapid change.  Recommendations are tailored to a client’s organizational values and reasonably proportioned to current and future environmental conditions.  



The security industry does not have all the answers.  When appropriate, other perspectives are considered: academia; theories of conflict and defensible space; international organizations; environmental design.

Practice Areas

  • cultural properties
  • public interest groups
  • critical infrastructure
  • high-value asset protection
  • private residences and estates
  • corporate sites and operations
  • homeland security
  • urban planning


  • threat and vulnerability assessments
  • security surveys; review of policies and procedures
  • threat analysis; criminal and terrorism
  • security strategy
  • develop priority intelligence requirements
  • security in urban settings
  • crime prevention through environmental design
  • design-basis threat scenarios
  • leveraging relationships with local and federal law enforcement